Ball Game Hall
hall21,00€ h
training hours until 19:0014,00€ h
competitions, events30,00 € h
competition, event preparation14,00€ h
Aerobics and Weightlifting
trainings 19.00-22.0010,00€ h
trainings  8.00-19.007,00 € h
competitions, events20,00€
Monthly card-10 times to get out20,00€
single pass3,00€ h
group training, event20,00€ h
single pass4,00€
10 times access (valid for 1 year)25,00€
10 times the student, pensioner, (valid for 1 year)19,00€
month card25,00€
Lobby13,00€ h
Lecture room7,00€ h
Sauna lounge
lounge room7,00€ h
Sauna with rest room
sauna with rest room (on reservation)15,00 € h
sauna with rest room from the second hour (on pre-booking)9,00€ h
Sauna-shower room
Sauna-shower room (on pre-booking)14,00 € h
sauna and shower room from second hour9,00 € h
sauna-shower room single access (common sailing)4,00€ h
sauna-shower room student, retired person3,00€ h
rent a bath towel2,00€ kord
Use of the shower
shower use single access3,00€ h
Accommodation service
bed in 1- and 3- roomed rooms21,00€ night
bed in breakfast room for 1- or 3-bed rooms25,00€
a bed in a 6- and 8-bed room12,00€ night
bed in 6- and 8-bed rooms with breakfast16,00€
pet10,00€ night
Jõgeva city stadium and tennis courts
training13,00€ h
event, competition26,00€ h
Republican competition52,00€ h
competition, event preparation14,00€ h
Discgolf Ride Rental
competition, event 10% of participation fees
Tennis courts
workout (one square)5,00€ h
tennis competition (one square)7,00€ h
Sports equipment rental
badminton racket, table tennis racket rentals1,00€ h
tennis racket rentals2,00€ h
basketball, volleyball rental1,00€ h
discgolf disc1,00€ 2 h

Info ja reservations tel 772 1922; 5346 1327

Please make reservations to sauna atleast 10.00 a.m. on the planned day of using.